C U When U Get There歌词 卡农

now i ve seen places and faces
and things you ain t never thought about thinking
if you ain t peek then you must be drinking
and smokin
pretending that you re lokin but you re brokin
let me get you open now
little timmy got his diploma
and little jimmy got life
and tamikra round the corner
just took her first hit off the pipe
the other homey shot the other homey
and ran away with his money
and when the other homies heard about it
they thought it was funny
but who s the dummy
now you done lost the hustler
a down-ass brother got replaced by a busta
and though i got love for ya
i know i can t trust you
cuz my crew is rollin home and your crew is rollin dusta
and just because of that you act you don t like a brother no more
i guess that s just the way it goes
i ain t tryin to preach
i believe i can reach
but your mind ain t prepared
i ll see you when you ge

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